Mike, you are simply the best there is at what you do.  You never fail to amaze me with the improvements you perform on my basses.  The Clement is a very good bass and well crafted.  It played quite well, but not nearly as well as the Landing on which you had previously performed your magic.  Well, after getting back the Clement, the smile never left my face as I played on it for several hours.  The ease with which it now plays far surpasses the often used term "like butter".  I am now able to employ all of my techniques with minimal effort.  I am now able to accomplish getting the often elusive sound in my head to pour out of the instrument.  Your ability to key in on what fits player and instrument together is at the heart of the Forrester magic.  You truly are the Mr. Scott of guitar and bass renewal and enhancement - a true miracle worker! For anyone who wants to be one with their guitar or bass, seek out Mike Forrester.  I guarantee that you will be amazed after Mike is done with your instrument.”

— Dave Tomasi

My experience with Forrester Kustoms has been nothing short of excellent. It only takes a few minutes with Mike to realize how knowledgeable and passionate he is about taking care of and repairing musical instruments. He has worked on my entire collection of guitars including 3 electrics, an acoustic, and a bass guitar completing services including set-ups, electronics installation, and custom inlay work. His work is always professional and timely. Best of all, Mike always takes the time to explain in detail all of the work he does so that you get to know your instrument better. I cannot recommend Forrester Kustoms highly enough for any of your guitar service/repair needs.”

— Justin Palanci of 'Love & Strife'

Mike has done set ups for me on guitars and a bass. He is also doing a ground up refinish on my father's violin that is coming out beautifully. While it's obvious that Mike is a master at repairs and refinishes, he still puts his heart into a simple set up. Even the less interesting tasks are never rushed through just to get it done. I think that one of Mike's best talents is his listening to his customer to find out exactly what he wants.”

— Garner Schafert

I've known Mike for over 10 years. His meticulous attention to detail and love of art is what drew us together. Always a pleasure to deal with or just plain be around. In this fast paced throw away society, it's gratifying to know that there's an old world craftsman that still exists.”

— Ricky Siegert of 'Inferno Designs'

What I love about Mike -- in addition to the superb craftsmanship of his work--is that he treats ALL of his customers like A-list talent, and each and every instrument (including the broken and abused messes I often bring to him) like a '59 Burst! He's a fantastic player, too, who knows music inside and out, so he speaks the same language as the rest of us -- definitely a plus when it comes to getting your guitar exactly where you want it to be. Mike has worked on nearly all of my guitars, and did an especially fantastic repair and restoration job on my beloved '65 Gibson SG Jr.: he's old school in all the right ways, and has always taken extra time to explain stuff to me in plain and simple terms than even a mechanically-challenged hack Rock-and-Roller like me can understand! He's definitely top of the pops in my book!”

— Mike Smith (aka Mikey) of 'The Ripovs!'

Mike handles repairs and adjustments for my entire fleet of basses and guitars. Whether it's an exotic, custom-made instrument or an off-the-rack piece, Mike has the skill set and experience to give each guitar what it needs. With his dizzying depth of knowledge, attention to detail and endless creativity, I always leave the shop more knowledgeable than when I came in, and I feel like I got more than what I paid for. His turnaround time is very reasonable too. Bring all of your guitars to Mike and they'll thank you for it!”

— Dave DeMarco

Mike has the magic ability to make me seem like a better guitar player than I really am. I started bringing my guitars to Mike over 10 years ago and he has handled every guitar I've owned, ever since. His knowledge and depth of conversation on all things gear-related is nothing short of astonishing. From finding that killer Gibson tone to pulling out the best scream your Fender can make, Mike can get you there. With better service than you'll find in any music store, this is the guy you need to see!”

— Drew Cierkowski of 'Stillborn'

Mike has recently done a fantastic job on my '77LPC...not just in need of a fret job & nut, a dozen fret ends had sent chunks of binding off the neck. The refret, careful preservation of the fret end binding nibs that were left, and restoration/aging of the damaged binding was nothing short of amazing. The technical and artistic skills that he cheerfully employs are stellar. Mike's work obviously brings as much joy to him as it does the customer. His 'benchside manner' put me at ease about parting with this guitar that hadn't been out of my possession for over 30 years. I actually felt relieved while driving home from his shop. I just knew I had left my most prized axe with an absolute pro, but still I was surprised and in awe over the result! Thanks again Mike, more on the way...”

— Tommy Oliveira of the 'Hot Roxy Band'

I've known Mike for well over 20 years and he has setup and maintained all my guitars. His attention to detail and knowledge of his craft are top notch. I'm the proud owner of one of his first custom built guitars, a beautiful tone machine with a hand carved top that I will own 'til the day I die. Mike has always setup my guitars EXACTLY the way I want them to play, not some generic "this is how it's supposed to be" setup. If your not happy with it, he's not happy with it. Bring your baby to Mike and it will be babied.”

— Will Goddard

Mike makes my ability to play music easier, period. For a working musician, the only thing worse than a broken instrument, is finding the time to get it fixed and getting it done right. Mike makes the whole process as painless as possible, and works around my playing schedule. And when he hands me back my instrument, I'm happy. Can't ask for anymore than that from a guitar guy.”

— Arty Hill of 'Arty Hill & The Long Gone Daddys'