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Mike Forrester - Luthier: Photo Journal

Mike setting the bridge and testing the new wiring in a vintage Gretsch Anniversary guitar.
Mike with a Fender Jazzmaster

Forrester Kustoms "The Brave" - 2012

Forrester Kustoms custom-built 'Brave' doublecut - Everything you need, but nothing to get in the way of awesome tone and playability.
I used Honduras Mahogany for the neck and back, and bookmatched an awesome piece of figured maple for the front.  The finish is nitrocellulose lacquer, and the stains are custom mixed for each individual guitar.
The pickguard was cut from a choice piece of Tortoid hand-cast acrylic.  Every detail is addressed, including hand polishing the edge of the new pickguard.
The aluminum and brass wraparound bridge is from Jason Schroeder.  Jason makes THE finest wraparound on the planet.
The one and only pickup on this particular 'Brave' is a Gibson Tony Iommi signature model humbucker.  Incredibly articulate, especially when rolled back for cleaner tones, but full and gloriously overdriven on 10.
The Brave is the first model from Forrester Kustoms to feature the new direct-pull headstock and 'F' monogram.
A 12" radius rosewood fingerboard, and flawlessly-dressed medium/tall frets offer silky smooth playability and precise intonation.
The Brave's headstock features direct string-pull, a rosewood veneer, and an ebony and mother-of-pearl 'F' monogram.
The Gotoh 510 tuning machine is one of THE smoothest, most precision machines in existence.
The hand-shaped Honduras mahogany neck features a symetrical chunky 'V' profile from the volute down to the heel transition.  The sunburst lacquer finish is carried over from the beautiful maple top.
This Brave doublecut is a joy to play, and the tone is perfectly balanced, clean or overdriven.
The neck heel is ergonomically rounded, and the mahogany back features a subtle sunburst around the edge.
The Brave's body edges are gently radiused for an organic feel, the treble side cutaway is dished, and the neck heel is rounded to provide comfortable access to the higher frets.
The Brave's maple top is slightly arched and radiused where the player's arm rests.  A welcome feature on ANY guitar.
Forrester Kustoms 'Brave' doublecut.  Hand-made, one at a time, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

'63 Fender Stratocaster Headstock Restoration

This '63 Fender Stratocaster neck had been horribly mutilated
Thankfully, the date stamp is still intact
I cut a grain-matched maple splice to fill the gap
The splice is glued and tightly clamped
The classic Stratocaster headstock shape has been restored
Some nitro lacquer maple shader is custom mixed
Some maple-shade nitro lacquer is sprayed over the splice seam
The grain is skillfully airbrushed
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