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Mike Forrester - Luthier: Guestbook

Daniel T. O'Toole

November 18, 2017

Mike super tuned my 40+ year old Ibanez Les Paul Custom. Action is outstanding, guitar sounds great and plays well. Mike taught me things about my Les Paul that I didn't know. I'm grateful for that. Mike does meticulous work. I highly recommend him.

Ed Mili

September 16, 2017

As is obvious I have commented on Mike's incredible craftsmanship, knowledge and amazing personality in the past.
He transformed what is basically just a cheap partscaster tele into an instrument that has become an extension of my musical soul. I can never part with it. What this shows is that Mike can take the least expensive collection of parts that make up an instrument and turn it into literally in my eyes a Stradivarius of guitars. His genius, his understanding, his devotion to exacting detail in my humble opinion cannot be matched.

Any musician who plays a stringed instrument can only do himself or herself a huge favor by letting Mike grace that instrument with his hands.

I am forever in his debt and I am truly blessed to call him a friend

Thank you can never be enough Mike


Don Kuntz

September 18, 2014

After seeing the quality of your work, You have a new fan. I'm new to guitar repair world and am learning as fast as I can, but you are an artist. Whole different level. If you have a tips blog or newsletter let me know. Don at Arlington guitar shop dot com.

Ed Mili

April 8, 2014

Mike words can not express my gratitude for making my most beloved guitar way better than I could have ever imagined. The detail workmanship, the tone and playability are just amazing. Once again your work speaks for itself in the magic you put in to my Lucille.

Lonnie Perry (Bob Perry)

December 4, 2013

Just got off the phone with my old friend, Julian Amoroso. He had nothing but "great" things to say about you. I spent some time looking around your website and I am very impressed. I always liked the double cut, single P90, LP Junior style. Your finishes blow me away. I'm curious to see how those pick ups sound. Do you also do a single cut version with two pick ups? I'll start saving and put in an order soon. Nice stuff Mike!

Frank Dalzell

August 11, 2013

I can't say enough about the outstanding job you did on my latest vintage jazz box. The setup ran the gamut from truss rod adjustment to fret work to shaping both the bridge and the nut to match the finger board radius; and the cosmetic work was incredible. The chip in the neck absolutely disappeared with your nitrocellulose fill. I couldn't be happier. It's not just about your skills; it's equally about your caring and respect for the instruments. I'll recommend you to all my students and colleagues. Thanks, so much!!

Larry Baldwin

April 16, 2013

Thank you for your excellent work on both of my James Tyler guitars. Great supertune and enjoyed the friendship. God Bless.

Ed Mili

January 20, 2013

Words can never describe the amazing work you did on my Lucille. The neck plays like liquid glass. So smooth and flawless. The action is to die for. Every note rings and plays absolutely true. The electronics you installed operate so very smooth and the audio taper on the tone and volume controls is like silk. Very responsive. You are a true master craftsman that is second to no one. I appreciate your amazing skills, but most of all your valued friendship. I can't wait to come back and do the final changes we discussed.

With sincere respect,
Ed Mili

Ron Doe Adcock

November 14, 2012

Thank you and Steve Cayce for the referal acceptance

Stephen Underwood

September 9, 2012

Thanks again Mike for getting my Taylor back in top playing condition. Will definitely be back if I need any work done. I will be spreading the word!

Justin johns

May 27, 2012

Great job on my Ric. "Hot Rodded Ric"'s a monster now. Thank you...

Doug Mountain

February 13, 2012

Mike did a fantastic job setting up my PRS and taking care of some minor issues. Great work, great attention to detail and simply a good guy to work with. I highly recommend Mike's work.

Ron Williams

December 30, 2011

Simply the best....a knowledgeable, conscientious, MASTER of the new "family doctor"...thanks Mike, you're awesome!

John W. Allen

December 18, 2011

I have been very happy with all the work that I have had done at Mike Forrester's shop and at a very reasonable price.

Sean Sweeney

June 8, 2011

Mike has worked done work on four of my basses and has a fifth one now. He had replaced nuts, cut pickgaurds, leveled frets, repaired pick-ups, routered neck pockets, and restored a corroded bridge.

After I get a bass back from Forrester Kustoms, it's better than factory! Thanks for all the great work Mike!

Robert Ratts

November 17, 2010

Mike did a complete refret, relevel and FB poly refinish on my '92 "Floyd Rose Classic" Stratocaster (maple FB). There was also an issue with a loose neck pocket (but not anymore!).

Outstanding, Sir... now it plays and looks the way I envisioned it should have been originally.

Ed Mili

October 21, 2010

Mike your incredible flawless craftsmanship still just amazes me. My Martin you fixed is still just perfect. Your level of knowledge and expertise is completely unmatched anywhere. I am always thrilled to be in your shop and will ALWAYS bring all my instruments to you forever.
Thanks for providing all of Baltimore and Maryland's musicians with the finest place to have instruments repaired and set-up.

Pablo Losada

May 29, 2010

Absolute fantastic, I love my G&L


February 11, 2010

Nice quality repair work always!

Salena Forrester Jones

December 22, 2009

Just stopping by to show off your work to some co-workers. My big brother is so awesome!

Patty & Steve Estes

February 28, 2009

We want to wish good luck in your new business. Blessings!!


February 22, 2009

Thanks so much for the quick work! Guitar is sounding great!

I'll probably be back in soon for an acoustic headstock ding repair. Keep up the great work!

Dennis Bonanza (

December 29, 2008

I just want to say that Mikes work is second to none!!! He did a finish repair on my 335 and it's excellent. Let me put it this way, I've been reapiring and refretting for over 26 years, and usually do my own work - but in those instances where I can't - Mike is the ONLY person I will let touch my guitars!! Plus he's a great guy too! Thanks Mike - U-DA-MAN!!!!!

Brian Winkelman

October 31, 2008

I was in desperate need of a refret on my old stratocaster. I tried this myself and made a disaster out of it. I was referred to Mike by Dave of "Dave's Deals". It was the best thing that ever happened to my Strat. Mike refretted and refinished the neck. He even added an amber tint to give it that old look. Incredible job!!! My strat plays like never before and the refinish looks better than a new Fender. The only problem now is that the neck looks 10 times better than the body. I will be going back to have the body redone. If I owned a $50,000.00 guitar in need of repair Mike would be the guy I'd take it to. He's that good!

Jerrel "JB" Dobbs

October 8, 2008

Dude u rock. My OLP sounds so good with the Bartolini preamp.....and I know that my custom will sound good at the end of Oct....

Jeffrey Waclawski

October 6, 2008

You do some of the BEST work I have ever seen. Can't wait to get my guitars done.

Andreas Nikitaras

October 6, 2008

Outstanding quality and superior craftsmanship. Mike is the only person I trust with my instruments. Get it done right, Forrester Kustoms! Thanks Mike.

Scott Broyles

August 28, 2008

Thanks for the great service. Your workmanship is flawless,and your a great guy. Thanks!! Scott Broyles

Jeff Miller

July 31, 2008

Saw your site from a link on The Dundalk Daily. Absolutely beautiful work!

carla crisp

July 28, 2008

The site looks GREAT!!!----I am so proud to say that Mike was Creative Director for Baltimore Art & Music Project until his guitar business took off! So glad the business is doing so well----but we miss him!!!! You're the Best Mike!

Shelly Moran

July 18, 2008

Glad to be related to such TALENT. Good luck! The website is great! Hope to be back on 2 wheels with you soon! Love you!

Pam Winnie

July 16, 2008

As they say Down Under, "Good on Ya!" Nice site! I'm so glad John Davis told us about you!

Thanks for all you do!


Brad Williams

July 15, 2008

Good to see you got the site up Mike, the '67 Riviera is still feeling and sounding great with its new frets!

Thanks for keeping all my guitars healthy when I'm in that part of the world!


Graham (Gray) Gold

July 2, 2008

Mike is a top-notch guy who not only does outstanding work, but stands behind it. He's worked on several of my guitars, and has done great work. Not only that, he's not happy unless I'm happy. Whatever you need done from a simple set-up to a full blown custom guitar, Mike's the guy!

Chris Matthes

June 24, 2008

I'm glad to finally have reconnected with Mike after a few years. He couldn't be a more knowledgeable guy regarding guitars and his work/work ethic are out of this world.
I'm looking forward to getting a guitar back from him soon, and will definitely call him going forward!

Ricky Siegert

June 16, 2008

I've known Mike for over 10 years. His meticulous attention to detail and love
of art is what drew us together. Always a pleasure to deal with or just plain be
around. In this fast paced throw away society, it's gratifying to know that
there's an old world craftsman that still exists.

Salena Forrester

June 16, 2008

Looking good. I'm proud of you!

Gene Gregory

June 16, 2008

great looking site. it's nice to finally see your work too. i'm looking forward to meeting you and having you look at my custom. see you soon.

scotty dave

June 16, 2008

mike is without a doubt one of the best luthiers in baltimore. I have given him some of the worst basket case guitars over the years to see what he can do. I am always blown away by the attention to detail he puts into a project or repair!

marlene neujahr

June 15, 2008

Mike I am proud to be your sister, you have lots of talent. I know that you will go far , best of luck. love you Marlene

scotty dave

June 15, 2008

it needs more cowbell!

Justin Palanci

June 14, 2008

Awesome site Mike. To everyone, Mike maintains my entire collection of guitars electrics, acoustics, basses and I wouldn't have it any other way. You Rock Mike!

Michael Selman

June 14, 2008

Ada boy Mike. Best of luck with the new site.


Mike Weddle

June 14, 2008

Rediculously talented,and the perfect humanitarian.I'm very proud to know Mike!


June 14, 2008

sweet site. keep the repair pics coming.

scotty dave

June 14, 2008

love the new website--very cool!

Mike Barton

June 14, 2008

Site looks great, Mike!!
Those jobs you have pictured on here are amazing!! You do truly amazing work!!!